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Steve firstly are u in oz or uk? Sre u going to hull v Bradford ?

On the drugs and gambling , the responsibility falls with the administering bodies. The players and clubs will try anything to gain an advantage . If you like , the " lunatics" will always be that and it's the job of those in the " asylum" to keep thinks in order .
With respect to gambling it is now all pervasive .. Again it's up to those in charge how to control it . Also the betting agencies obviously pay a lot for advertising during live games ... This is a bit off I think

Pankaj rao

I'm in the UK Pankaj! Luckily, I didn't go to that game - it was postponed due to traffic delays caused by an overturned tanker. I agree with you, I don't like the extent to which gambling firms are promoted during Australian broadcasts. I'd like to see some government legislation in this area. Where do you live, doctor?

Will it really matter? Once the Daily Telegraph goes to the subscription model, hardly anyone is going to pay to read their Rugby League articles unless they really improve the quality.

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